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This is a special legal area that demands close study and application of the pertinent legislation, especially the Mining Code as regulated, in addition to certain specific laws that govern the most varied activities, from acquisition of the authorization to prospect or the grant to commercially exploit a mineral deposit, up to the relationship between the miner and the legal holder of the landwhere the mineral is located.
  • Legal assistance for individuals or legal entities interested in acquiring mineral rights from the Brazilian Mineral Production Department - DNPM, whether for prospecting for mineral deposits or for concession of working rights for commercial exploitation of a mineral asset.
  • Participation in negotiations targeting an agreement between the miner and the holder of the land, so as to prospect the mineral deposit or work the mineral resources, by payment of a fixed income and indemnity or by a stake in the proceedings from mining the deposit, depending on the individual situation, and drawing up of the respective contracts.
  • Participation in assignment and transfer of mineral rights, whether under a prospecting permit or working grant, as well as drafting of the proper contracts and registration at the Brazilian Mineral Production Department - DNPM.
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