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Legislative Process
The Brazilian Congress, embodied by two houses, the Federal Senate and the House of Representatives, plays an important role, especially with regard to legal services, as it acts not only to draft laws, with which we are all familiar, but also to serve as a sounding board for the concerns of Brazilian society at large. This occurs as a rule in both Permanent and Ad Hoc Committees, and there are strong repercussions for the legal sector. In addition, Parliamentary Investigation Committees are empowered to investigate with powers on a par with those of the courts.
  • Assistance with legislative bills at the Federal House of Representatives or the Senate, seeking to properly address the matter in point, by submission of opinions dealing with the social, economic, legal, and other aspects.
  • Consulting services for companies asked to partake of public hearings held by both Permanent and Ad Hoc Committees at either the Federal House of Representatives or Senate, dealing with the latest events, in order  to contribute in some way to the suggestions to be made by the Brazilian Congress so as to resolve the matter.
  • Taking into due consideration the reason for which they are instated, the firm will assist with follow-up of the proceedings under way at Parliamentary Investigation Committees ("CPIs"), at either the Federal House of Representatives or the Senate, or even by a joint session of both bodies, assisting those companies that have been called up to provide a CPI deposition. Examination of the final report, of any decision that might approve this, and of any measures suggested in such decision. The firm will also advise as to how to deal with any developments resulting from such decision.
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