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Bids of the most varied types and kinds are of fundamental importance for those companies whose corporate objective allows them to contract with the Government, or with legal entities directly or indirectly linked thereto, making it essential to have:
  • Assistance for companies intending to take part in and win bids. It is essential to examine the public notice, not only in relation to the object offered, requirements for the different qualification phases and price setting, drafts of the contract and care with the technical specifications set, along with the conditions for delivery, in addition to the items referring to the documentation request, so as to verify whether the public notice would require opposition or a consultation.
  • Follow-up on preparation by a company interested in participation in a bid of the documentation set out in the public notice, as well as compliance with the other conditions established. Examination of the documentation prepared by the bidder and its competitors, verifying whether the requirements set out in the public notice have been fully complied with in  regard to the qualification and identification items, as well as the technical and price details.
  • Attendance at any initial and subsequent sessions scheduled for the bid so as to follow up on opening of the envelopes; preliminary examination of the documents provided by the other bid participants, with an initial analysis in the minutes, perhaps even any opposition that might be appropriate. In a timely and definitive manner, submission of any challenges suitable as well as a defense, if need be. Filing of appeals at the administrative instance, if and when required.
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